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Ratsalot Rattery And Rescue

Rattie Links

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What is a rat? It's History in our society.

Special Events


New England Rat Fest

Rattie Forums and Groups

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Great Websites!







LaCock Mousery

Ratgirl's Rattie page

Cage Layouts, Ideas and others

Better Holes and Garbage: Check out the cage pages

The Grotto Cage setup

Rattie Videos

Rats,Rats,Rats! Cute videos

Rattie video

A rat bugging-AKA eyepopping

Rattie video-A rat being petted

Click on the Rat Attack video very funny


A rattie valentine

Funny Rattie Cartoons (Mort & Max)

Pet of the Day contest

Pocket Pet Photo Contest

NEW pet pixel advertising

All Star Showcase-Got a Vet that is the best? A pet store or supplier?

Rat names

Rattrap moral true how things connect

Celebrities and their rats(a must read)

Rattie Journals, reports and rantings by: Marushiki's site

Rattie Icons

Willard Movie

Rat Humor

Discover your inner rat self...cute quiz

Sniffy the virtual rat

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Norway Rat Vocalizations

Male Mouse Singing for mate article

Male mouse song clip

Listen to Rat Laughter. Really cool.

What do rats see?

Extreme RAT challenge

A Northern Luzon Cloud RAT very interesting

Slender Tailed Cloud Rats

REPTILES as pets: Hazardous to you and them

Keeping Cats Indoors and why?

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Ratsalot Rattery and Rescue

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All info here is shared by other rat lovers.  Feel free to copy any pictures you like but if you save any links please ask the owner beforehand.  Ex:  ratteries etc.  Thank you!