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Ratsalot Rattery And Rescue

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Currently I am waiting to breed my buck, Noah a Russian Blue Dumbo.  I have been moving etc and things are just bananas.  I am currently filling a waiting list for the babies.  I have two females I haven't decided who I will breed him with.  They both are very friendly and healthy but I'm being a bit fussy as I won't have any litters available until late September/October.  If you are interested at all in a baby feel free to email me and I can put you on the list.  Thanks so much for your interest.  Hug your rattie today! 


Sassy and Sophia were adopted to a loving home on February 5, 2006 to a very kind girl, Kim.  I was so happy to have them adopted to a forever home yet if they were not that was fine too as they ALL have a place here in our rattie family.  :o)  I was also very sad to see them go.  They were here longer than most and they became a part of our family and to see their personalities and little petite cuteness go was difficult.  It is always that fear, will they be loved as much as they were with me syndrome.   I know in my heart Kim will be a great mom to them.  She keeps me updated with them as many of my adoptees do. 

Sophia is on the left and Sassy(blazed) right

Previous Adopters had to say:
Hi Tonya,
     The girls are doing great! They get along with our rattie Sophia
amazingly.  They are officially in the same cage, playing and chasing
each other around.  I woke up this morning to four beautiful furry faces
in the rat hammock.  Kasey, Belle, Roo, and Sophia all greeted me with
the biggest yawns! I will definitely send you some pics once I get my
digital camera functioning again.  Wow, these three little girls are
gems.  You did a great job in handling them when they were young because
they took to me and Aaron immediately.  All of them are quite
affectionate.  Albeit at times a little bit hyper, hanging upside down on the
cage ceiling every now and then.  I will definitely check out your website
and keep you updated on the girls! Once again, thank you for raising
such cuties. 

All the best,

Wendy  (Adopted three girls from Lilly's litter)
(Katey adopted a boy from Lilly's litter)
He's doing great! He and Matisse are both in a new cage together and have been
getting along really well, they play and wrestle occasionally but have never fought,
which is good I was really hoping they would get along okay. I think they both enjoy
each others company. :)
Basil is still the larger of the too, and its true he's gotten so much bigger since I first
got him. He's very sweet. Both of them love to climb around on my arms and shoulders
and receive peanut butter as a treat occasionally.
I've attached some pictures of them, I hope they get to you okay.


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