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Here's looking at you...

Wheaton is a really big lug of a guy Self rattie.  He looked very intimating at first but now he's is nothing more than a big cuddly boy.  He was the "other" rattie begging when I went to pick up MacKenzie.  He is now neutered as he was aggressive to MacKenzie in their cage.  I am hoping that will help but I have him housed with the girls now that he is neutered and I have waited for 8 days as he is now infertile and I don't have to worry about unplanned litters.  I believe he is the father of Sabrina's babies as he was the more dominant male in the cage when Sabrina was suppose to be a Sebastian.   Well, the pet store was wrong and we all know what that means.  Wheaton has changed to being more playful as he hangs out with the girls and jumps and bounds like my Isabella.  He is like an older dog that gets around puppies and wants to play just like them.

Alright who forgot to paint the rest of my face?

I feel in love with the way MacKenzie looked, I'll be honest love at first sight.  He is a darker gray variegated blazed rattie.  Again, he was big and I had little small ratties at home.   I was very nervous about the "Big boys".  They scared me when I had them on the shoulder but in time between the two of us we both learnt not to be scared of one another.  Both Wheaton and MacKenzie obviously weren't held very much.  In my eyes I think they were grown to be huge for a snake and I was very glad to have found them when I did.  It took time and both boys stopped squeaking when I picked them up.  It was a big stepping stone.  Now, I can kiss their cheeks and little heads without fear of them biting me.  I hope that when folks shop, go to a breeder or go to a local shelter...don't be afraid of these big boys.  If you give them love in time they will give you love back.  MacKenzie also could be a dad to Sabrina's litter of 13 as you know that a rat can become pregnant from two different fathers at the same time.  It all depends on if Wheaton didn't fight him off and away from her.

I know I left it here somewhere....

This is Lacy.  I bought her from Green Mountain Rattery out of Johnson, Vermont from Beka Colvin.  Lacy is a blue dumbo bareback rattie, here she is 8 weeks old.  She was born 6/09/05 along with her brother, Noah.  She is very sweet and gentle.  I house her with Amelia, Molly and her five babies that are 4 weeks old.  She is very loveable as most ratties are.  She is just too cute with her big ears and sweet looking little eyes.

If I lay real still maybe she won't see me.

This is Noah who is also 8 weeks old in this picture.  I bought him and his sister off the same breeder.  He has more blueish/grey color on him.  I think he is more like a Russian Blue.  He carries a recessive gene of black which I was told makes him darker.  He is very very sweet and loves to cuddle.  He snuggles right down into your neck.  I tried introducing him to MacKenzie and that didn't work.  I want MacKenzie to have a pal but he might need to be neutered also due to dominating issues.  He plays wonderfully with Noah then in a cage setting he overpowers Noah.  Noah is very easy going and is now housed with Amelia's babies that are 4 weeks old.  I saw one of the little boys laying on Noah as they both napped together.  Very cute indeed.

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