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Rat Cookie Cutter and other critters

Rat Cookie Cutter

Rattamuffin shop

Have the Illustrated Rat design a portrait of YOUR rat!(Very neat!)

Ratlovers Cafepress store

Jagwear(Awesome Rattie Jewelry)

A cute RAT doorstop

Cute little rat figurines


This site offers very unique hammocks.  Yes, more hammocks but don't your ratties deserve them? 


Acrorats...Awesome Hammocks and other neat cage items

Rat Attack Team Hammocks


Michigan Rats Storefront: Offers lots of variety of items

EBAY store to the Illustrated Rat(awesome prints)

The Rodent store(gifts for you or others)

Rattie clothes

Very cool hammocks and sacks

Homemade Rattie Hammocks

More Hammocks


Pet Food Warehouse: I shop here regularly for pet bedding. Carefresh a big bag is $12.99! Can't beat that!





Rodents-R-Us ebay store(cute)

The Pet Advantage Pet Store(Local)

The Rat Shop

Oxbow Hay products

Little River Pet Shop Pet ebay, adoptions, email group

Scamperats art

SuperPet Cages

Ferret Store: Very cool cages

Rat supplies: Strictlypets

Mazuri products

National Pet Pharmacy and supplies

Free Pet Classifieds:

PetFinder: Find a pet that suits you today!

Special Promotion at PETsMART



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Ratsalot Rattery and Rescue

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