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Bathing your rat

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 Bathing rats

You bathe rats when they need it.  For some rats that  might mean once a month or so.  For others it might mean never.  Some  rats only need their tails
washed, others need a full out bath.  
You use baby shampoo or kitten shampoo.
And here's one EASY method for doing it:

First of all, forget about filling the sink or tub.  You  are going to be showering your rats, rather than bathing them.

Secondly,  have everything ready ahead of time.  You will need a towel and some  shampoo (anything safe for kittens should be OK).  A face cloth and/or 
toothbrush might be needed if the tail is extra dirty.  You might also want  a hair dryer. 

Third, clear off a space near your sink and put the  towel there.  Turn the tap water on, not just warm but hot.  OBVIOUSLY  not hot enough to turn, just
comfortably hot. 

Now pick up your rat  and hold him in both hands.  Quickly and gently put him under the running  water, getting him wet all over, including his belly but
DON'T get his face or  ears wet.  This should only take a few seconds, hardly enough time for your  rat to get upset.

Put the rat down on the towel.  Add shampoo and  massage it in -- your rat should LIKE this part of the bath!  He will feel  secure because he is in the towel, not being held in mid-air.  This is when  to use the face cloth or toothbrush.

Rinsing the rat takes a little  longer.  Again hold him in BOTH hands and rinse him under the tap, taking  extreme care not to get soap in his face or
ears.  (Hold your fingers over his ears.)  Do this as quickly as you can but be thorough. 

Now plop him down on the towel again and enjoy rubbing  or blowing him dry!

Depending on how long you take to massage the  shampoo in, this entire bath should take LESS than 2 minutes.  Your rat  will have very little time to get

REMEMBER: you outweigh  your rat at LEAST 100 times -- he should NOT be able to get the best of  you! 
I tell you, this method  WORKS!!

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