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Ratsalot Rattery And Rescue

What would you do in case of an emergency?
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This might not cross many of our minds but Cathy brings us a great point to think about in that just in case scenario.......

Emergency preparations are SOOOOOOO important.  What  arrangements you
depends on the type of emergency, of course -- here are  just a few

1) MOST important -- find a good rat vet now, BEFORE you need  one. 
your rat is gasping desperately for air or bleeding profusely is  NOT a
good time
for you to be searching through the yellow pages trying to find  a vet
treats rats.  Find a good vet and if you can, bring a rat to see  him,
for a
Wellness Exam, so you and the vet can meet.  That way he will  have
some idea who
you are if you call up hysterical because your rat is so  ill.

2) If there is an emergency vet clinic near you, find out  WHERE it is
of time.  Also, check their policies about letting  owners be with
their pets
during euthanasia.  The emergensy clinic near me  does not allow owners
to be
in the room, so of course, I could never bring a  dying rat there to be

3) Have enough travel cages on hand so that you can get ALL of  your
rats and
run if you have to.  You should have enough so that they can  live in
travel cages for a couple of days without being TOO  crowded.  Have the
cages set
up with everything you need -- bedding, water  bottles, food dishes,
etc.  If
you use the travel cage, make sure you  restock it before you put it
away, so
that it's always ready to go. 

4) Pack a small bag with water, dry food mix and extra bedding  and
keep it
near the travel cages.  And don't forget the paper towels --  you can
have too many paper towels!

5) Make a plan.  You might feel silly thinking of all the  things that
can go
wrong, but don't let that stop you.  For instance: we  have 3 cats, a
dog and
up to 7 rats.  Although my car is VERY small, I can  indeed fit
-- I know, because I've done it.  I practiced.   Each cat would have a
carrier, the rats would be in two good-sized  travel cages and the dog
have his own seat.  I could, if I had enough  time, even pack a small
for myself and a bag of supplies for the  animals and fit them in.  Of
course, this is assuming that I had to get out  while Mark was away --
if he was
around we could pack his car too.  But,  everyone CAN fit in my car,
and if we
were forced to go to a shelter where pets  weren't allowed, they would
my car for the duration.  Yes, they'd  be miserable and crowded, but
they'd be
SAFE and with me.  NO WAY would I  leave them behind.  Those of you
with many,
many pets, well, you have to do  what you can.  THINK ABOUT IT, that's
first step.

6) Write a letter detailing what should happen with your pets  in the
of your death.  As scary as it is to think about, every time  we get
into a
car, we could be dead a few minutes later.  I recently wrote  just such
a letter,
mostly to help my loved ones deal with my pets after I'm  gone.  I
wrote down
the phone numbers of people who might be willing to  take my pets,
family members not be able to keep them.  I did  contact those people
asking them if this was OK.  I put the  letter in a fireproof safe,
along with my
other important documents and I  told my partner and my sister just
where this

7) Put aside some money.  Think about it -- in today's  world, you are
likely not going to be too far from a drug store,  restaurant, motel,
If you have some MONEY, you won't need to go  to a shelter.  You can
far enough away from whatever disaster  has driven you from your house
find a more comfortable place to stay,  for you and your pets.  Get a
credit card
and set it aside for EMERGENCIES  ONLY.  Or just keep some cash on
hand.  It
will make life MUCH easier,  if the worst happens. 

It can be uncomfortable thinking about all that can go wrong  -- but
about it is the first step.  Hopefully you will never have  to do more

More tips and tricks for planning ahead! 

It a GREAT idea to get your rats used to as many things as possible 
'situation' arises.  I teach all my rats to 'drink' out of a  syringe
they are young.  I use pancake syrup and they LOVE  it.  This way, if
they ever
need medicine, they already know that the  syringe is GOOD. 

You should also make a travel cage and get them  used to it.  Let them
in it during free-range time.  Then  take them on short trips that end
up at
home -- not at the vet.   This way when you do have to transport them
somewhere, they won't be  stressed about it.  My rats LOVE to travel!

Plan ahead as much  as you can.  Find a GOOD vet now, BEFORE an
arises.   Find someone who can transport you to the vet if you don't
have a  car.
Offer to do chores in return -- I'd GLADL.Y take you anywhere if 
you'd do
my ironing!  Make plans for emergency evacuations, if ever  your house
is on
fire or in danger of floods.  Find a pet sitter and  have her come over
a few
times to play with the rats BEFORE you are in  the last minute rush to
get ready
for your vacation.  Save money so  you will have it when your rat needs
surgery or meds. 

Teach  your rats to come when called.  Teach them to 'relax' on command
-- it
CAN be done. 

Plan ahead -- you will never regret it!!

Cathy & the  girls, plus one -- Viv, Isabeau, Pepper, Bizzy & Dandy
RIP: Sandy, Tippy,  Kissabelle, Ziggy, Misty, Jazzy, Spark, Whisper, &
Connecticut,  USA
If your rat has a tumor, it needs to be removed.

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