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Ratsalot Rattery And Rescue

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Scavenger Hunt

Hello all.  Welcome.  I thought this would be a fun way to raise some money for my rescue and rattery.  To play please send $1.00 through paypal to me at  You can also donate by going to my donations page and doing it that way.  You can donate as much as you like and play as often as you like based on that.  The need to complete your hunt before anyone else with as many correct answers as you can.  I will correct them all as they come in and my first correct entrants will be my winners.  I have another idea too perhaps you all can help me....maybe instead of making everyone rush the bout put all the correct winners in a pool to be the "official" winner?  Would that be better?  Please email me if you like that idea better.  Thanks
Prizes: 1st prize:  Homemade bracelet made by me(pics to follow soon) I can use either a gold or pewter mouse charm.  They are very colorful and neat.  I will be making others to sell soon also to raise money this one is just a preview of more to come.  :)
Also; from Russia a handblown mini mouse very cute and so tiny.  I found a place in New Hampshire that has them but very rarely as a gentleman goes to Russia to buy them.  I have so far 5 of them.  All different.  I will be giving one away.  And also a RAL calendar magnet.
2nd prize:  House mouse design magnet found in a special gift shop where I found the handblown mice, perfectly named, Mouse Menagerie.  LOL.  go figure there huh?  Along with that magnet..why not fill your fridge with an RAL calendar magnet too.
3rd prize:  A pop up house that I know my furkids love how bout yours and a RAL calendar magnet too.
Happy Hunting!

What town and state do I live in?
What date was my first litter born?
Do I have other animals?
How many ways can you cover a wire cage floor by my website's findings?
What was Sabrina's orginal name?
What was the name of the Rattery where I adopted Lacy and Noah?
What is my adoption fee for a dumbo rat?
How many awards do I have so far?
What time do we chat on Saturdays when available?
How much honey is in the Critter cookies?
What was the date Sassy and Sophia my two rescue girls were adopted?
What was the name of the paper the clipping from my mom came from?
If you have a cage that is 30HX24X16 how many rats will it hold?
What color is my Memorial page background?
What is the rat's name used for my Rattiesnapshots banner for my photo contest?
In conjunction with the 1999 NCAA Basketball Tournament. One of their ads shows what happens when two rats are injected with the blood of basketball players, one from Duke, one from North Carolina. What were the advertisers endorsing it?
Who was the famous poet that wrote about rats?
What page can the animated mice hugging saying I love you can be found?
How many ratteries do I list?
How many rats do I have named with the letter E?
This is a bonus question if you get it correct you can use it toward your score. It will not hurt you if you are incorrect. What phrase is on the mousepads that I sell?
What is your name and email address?

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