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Ratsalot Rattery And Rescue

Beloved Rattie Memorial

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For:  Tammy P
  In memory of the lovely "Auntie" Sierra, the black hooded girl who always kept her younger nieces clean. Taught them how to explore their  playground, how to fish and get treats. A sweet, squishy rat that enhanced our lives for 2 1/2 years.

For:  Trudy Braden

In loving memory for; Rattie names: Annie, Spooky, Moki, Blue, Georgie, Zoe, Scamp, Little Girl, other Little Girl, Bugger, Buddy, Blaze, Pretty Boy,Tiny Tim

Name: Amber Plaskett
Ratnames:  Frannie, Nibbles and Snowy
In loving memory: These three ratties are the best friends that I've ever had in my life! Frannie was my first rat who I saved from being food when her owner didn't want her anymore. She was and still is my very best of friends. She taught me patience and showed me unconditional love unlike any other. She will be in my heart forever and I hope to see her again sometime. Nibbles was my first boy. He was sweet as sweet gets. He helped create a beautiful baby girl who is with me now. I thank him for her and all of his kindness and love. I miss him dearly. Snowy just passed on 11/1/05. She is the mommy of my baby girl, who Nib's is the daddy.
Snowy was a perfect mommy. She also loved to play with me alot. She seemed to have a deep understanding of me and my feelings. I will never forget her personality and love. I know that they are together now and will greet other ratties who cross the bridge. To my sweet babies I say, "Do
not forget me, for I will see you again and next time it will be forever." My dear ones, I love you all!

For:  Debra Kelter
In loving memory for Wolfie.  Wolf, our large wolfie colored Daddy and hubbie to Yuki. Very good dad, loving and gentle.
In loving memory for Giraffe and Pippin, Wolfie's brown brothers, sons of Yuki. Squishy little fur balls
who loved to be "stress balled" like their brother Rutley.
In loving memory for Page and Gerdie Rouge.  White hooded sisters, daughters of Yuki were the first losses.  They were jokesters all the way. Sweeties, daughters of Yuki.
In loving memory for Rutley.  Rutley was monsterous in size, yet gentle as a lamb. Tan with a white tummy, he loved being scrunched like a "stress ball" and boggled alot! He was Yuki's boy.
In loving memory for Yuki.  Yuki was our first rat. She taught us to love rats, as she was a very loving, smart, "personable" rat. She had a litter of 13,
mothered with love and shared them all with us from birth. She grandmothered another 12 with a stern yet loving "paw".  She was our communicator -
making sure the others all knew when to come home and when to get to bed.  She was a beautiful rat, chocolate brown with white socks on her front
paws and a white chest/tummy. She left us only a few weeks ago to go over the bridge to mother all the children that left before her.

For:  Lucy
Ratname: Twotone
In loving memory for Twotone, We had a very special bond together.  I waited until my boyfriend got home to say goodbye to her the day she died.  Twotone hung the last hour until she passed away.  So she was able to say goodbye to both of us, and then I told her it was ok to go to the Rainbow Bridge.  She will be sadly missed.

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