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Ratsalot Rattery And Rescue

My Ratties

14 weeks old

Sabrina is a sweet masked dumbo rattie.  She loves treats as most ratties do.  She is very special to me as she was my first rattie.  She was orginally named Sebastian as the pet store said I had a HE.  Well, turned out I didn't.  She is a very loving rattie who licks your face and hands.  She loves snuggling on your shoulder.  She is very smart as she knows her new name we had to switch to.  She jumps on my shoulder and comes out of any hiding place when I call her name.  She has extreme temperant of pure sweetness I can not justify in words.  She is a wonderful mommy as well and I'm sure her babies will be benefit with her great qualities.

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This picture is when she was 6 weeks old. She is too busy for an updated photo shoot.

This is Isabella.  My second rattie who is an albino or a PEW as many will call her coloring, Pink eyed white.  She is as I call a nutcase as she is the busiest of all my ratties.  She engages in zipping around when she is allowed free play in my kid's room as they can be well contained and safe in there free from fridges, holes, wires and unsuspecting other hiding areas in the other rooms of our home.  She is very very curious and nosey.  She doesn't like to miss out on what is going on and what you have or anyone else for that matter.  She comes to her name immediately as she rushes to pounce up on my shoulder.  She goes into little mood swings as her heat cycle is.  One day she will love you to death the next day she is a nippy little I'm going to do it my way kind of girl.  She never does it to hurt it simply is her way to say I don't want your attention I'll see you when I'm ready.  She barely pinches and it is nothing to fret over.  She loves climbing up my pants either on the outside or inside.  She thinks I am a tree. hehe.  She has taught Lilly that it is fun to climb up mommy's leg.  Sure it is when mommy has sweatpants or jeans on but not shorts!  She is a great addition to the family.  As I always didn't care for rats with pink reddish eyes as yes, I to had stereotypes of the lab rats as most albinos are or feeder rats.  She indeed was a feeder rat but you know she is so cute and sweet and brings her own personality to the table.

This is my other very curious rattie.

This is Lilly.  She is a Black Berkshire rattie.  The first day I brought her home we fell asleep with each other.  Funny for having a bit of a fear with these bigger rats I've never had before.  She is very sweet and mischievous.  I say that in a good way.  It took her some time to learn her name and come to me but with treats and alot of love and devotion we both have managed it just fine.  I use to beg her out from under my kid's bed...come on Lilly, mommy has treats with little prevail.  With time and effort she comes to her name, loves treats(which she'd never take before I don't think she had a good life before me) and she has learned from Isabella to climb mommy's leg like a tree.  I can pick her up where before I had to literally chase her down to get her back in her cage.  It was horrible but I wanted her the same privalage as the others to free play even though she was my "problem rattie".  She is just too fun and such a good girl.  Even when I give her a bath even though she hates every second of it she doesn't try to hurt me at all when I know if she wanted to she could.  I know we have bonded and it's such a wonderful feeling to be close to such a unique character little critter.

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