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My Ratties Page Two

This is my laid back sweet little licking girl.

This is Phoebe my six month old dumbo who loves to hide as you can see.  She is a Self Biege with a small white diamond marking on her chest.  She is laid back and will lick you all over.  She is a doll.  She comes to her name and is very gentle.  She is beige with a patch of white on her chest.  She gets along with any rattie I have big, little, boy or girl she if very easy going.  She was my first older rattie and helped me understand that even though you might look big and scary most critters are just big lugs.  She has a sight disorder and I think she might be a little on the blind side.  At least the vet told me it is possible.  She sways her head back and forth and I was told she is trying to focus in on things.  I am so happy I have her.  Take a good look at her cute face and demeanor.  Could you imagine her snake food?  I know I couldn't.  She is the only rat that is helping my boyfriend understand they are ok.  He tolerates them but doesn't hold any.  He particularily likes her.  He says she reminds him of a cartoon character.  I am glad he is warming up to them.  I am glad to show people how wonderful they are as pets.  And to add some interesting info as my son, Quintin reminded me, Phoebe has shown up my big male cat, Cloen that she is the boss and not to mess with her.  She will chase him and go after him from behind.  I think particularly because he is very fuzzy on his backside.  I don't know really why she goes after him but she does.  He has learned to avoid the big ratties and if messing with little ones he best be careful cause you never know where those big ones might be lurking to get him.  hehe.

This is my sweet timid girl.

This is Amelia.  She is a Hooded gray variagated blazed rattie.  At least that is the best description of her.  She looks more hooded than bareback but if you think differently let me know for sure.  At first Amelia didn't want to be touched or picked up.  I could pet her but with caution.  She was very very timid and shy.  I wondered what kind of life before me she had had at age 6 months acting so nervous.  Well, on July 2, 2005 I discovered why.  Not I nor the pet store knew she was pregnant.  She delivered 9 babies.  One did not survive due to illness or born dead.  I do not know.  Nature took its course.  She did however deliver 8 healthy babies.  She is a good mother and has since changed her ways.  I handle her more now than ever and she is becoming less and less nervous.  She is very gentle and does have a good temperament.  She knows her name and loves to snuggle under my neck close for security.  Her babies are adoreable and well behaved.

My cute little Molly at 5 weeks old.

This is Molly sitting on my younger son's shoulder, Kobe.  I brought her home because she was too cute to say No!  Yes, bad habit.  She is so sweet and she was the third rattie to be a licker.  She is a fancy rat as most will say.  She is a gray blazed berkshire.  She was the first "fancy" rat to lick me.  I had my two dumbos that licked me that I think is noted for dumbos to do so but I was so overjoyed when Molly snuggled in my arms and licked my hand.  She is very smart as most rats are.  She knows her name like the others.  She is housed with Amelia's babies and Lacy for now because Lilly doesn't like her with several attempts of introductions all failing with Lilly pinning Molly and Molly squeaking helplessly.  That I couldn't have Molly endure and said well, you and Lilly can't hang together in or outside of the cage.  So we have seperate play times for them.

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