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Ratsalot Rattery And Rescue


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Please donate to Ratsalot Rattery and Rescue(RAL).  I am not looking to beg,whine or profit from this donation.  I simply could use extra help for my rattery as well as the fostered, rescued and surrendered rats in need of good homes.  While they wait they will need vet care,food, shelter and love.  I have alot of love to give but money doesn't grow on trees and I want to help these animals to the best of my abilities and more.  Please help my cause myself and the ratties appreciate it.

If you would like to send other items besides money that is fine too.  Any help is much appreciated.  The money that is recieved is used in vet bills, bedding and feeding costs.  No donation is too small.  I am appreciative of anything you'd like to do for my rattery and rescue.  I will also place you on my Thank you list.  If you'd like me to post what you donated that is fine but I will post your name and location for now and you can let me know what else you'd like me to share. 
Tonya Granger
108 East St.
Rutland, V.T. 05701
Thank you all so very much from all of us here at Ratsalot Rattery and Rescue.

Caryl McCain-Madison, WI

Thank you once again for visiting my website and supporting my efforts.

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Ratsalot Rattery and Rescue

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All info here is shared by other rat lovers.  Feel free to copy any pictures you like but if you save any links please ask the owner beforehand.  Ex:  ratteries etc.  Thank you!