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Ratsalot Rattery And Rescue

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Rattie cage floor covering

Myself I like to laminate decorative pages from an art store or something the kids make.  It is quick, inexpensive and when they chew too much of it to expose the paper...Make another creation....
Some other ways I cover my wire cages are;
Peters Hay mat, SuperPet small haymat and Oasis green plastic snap together floor mats.
**Update:  If you are using anything HAY be aware of the risks associated with mites coming in or if you have a mite issue get rid of everything made from hay as they will infest it and live there and you will have a continued mite issue.  I speak from experience be cautious and observant in what you use!**
~Tonya-RAL(Ratsalot Rattery and Rescue)

I took two-and-a-half-inch vertical hanging blinds & cut them  down to cover the 2 wire levels & both the ramps.
I got the ribbed blinds, so they still have something for their leedle  feets to grab onto.
I thought about using the slick ones on the ramps, but alas, even I can't  be THAT cruel a prankster.....
Good  luck,
Squeeky <:3 )~~
Squishy <:3 )~~
I use lino sample squares to put on the wire floors. I leave about 4 inches on one side for the poo to fall through, they soon get the message, and I find that these are the best.
Lacock Mousery
I buy that rubber/plastic floor runner at the variety store.  It's in the back on a big roll and they sell it by the yard.  It's easy to cut to fit with a utility knife.

In Martin's Cages, I cut them an inch or two WIDER so they overlap that rolled edge of the shelf: that keeps muck and hair from collecting on that ridge.

My rats don't bother with the mats but if your toss them around, you can burn hole in the corners of the mat with a hot nail and twist tie them to the cage.

Easy to remove, wash in tub, dry and pop back in nice and clean!
We've been using the linoleum tiles for a few months now, and keep them clean with Lysol wipes.  I think the best part is that the urine doesn't drip through the shelves and contaminate the food/hammock/cagemate on the level below anymore, like it did when we were using plastic canvas.


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Ratsalot Rattery and Rescue

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