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Four Rat Rotation

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Advice by Cathy

While letting ALL your rats die  before getting new ones is one way to make sure you never have too many  rats, it can be terribly sad.  Inevitably you are left with just ONE  lonely rat.  The way you can prevent that is called the 'Four Rat Rotation  Method.' 

If you have room in your life and  cage and budget for four rats, this works REALLY well -- it even helps with  quarantining.  It goes this way -- when you are down to just 2 rats, you  get two more young ones.  They go through quarantine together and then you  slowly introduce them into your colony.  So for awhile you have 4 rats,  then 3, and finally you are back down to just 2 rats -- and you get 2 more young  ones.  This way no rat is ever alone and you always have 2 rats go through  quarantine together.  Also, knowing that you will have 2 BABY ratlets join  your household at fairly regular intervals really does (at least for me) help  with the pain of losing your older rats.  This works very well because you  never have less than 2 rats and never more than 4 -- and really, 4 rats  shouldn't strain a budget TOO much. 

This method also keeps you from  having all old rats at the same time.  It can be difficult to handle vet  bills if you have several older/sick rats and it is tragic if you have many  rats die around the same time, because they are all older.   The Four Rat Rotation Method solves that problem.  You can even 
adjust this method if you want to adopt rats from a rescue -- let your  current rats get to be about 2 years old, then you can adopt a couple of rescue rats who are about a year old.  You still will have a good spread of ages and you will be giving homes to rats who need  it!

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